Looks Like No Man’s Sky Will Sell at Full-Price on PS4

No Mans Sky

No Man’s Sky is still being kept firmly under wraps by indie developer Hello Games, but Sony may have just let slip a teeny bit of info on the long-awaited space adventure.

A post on the PlayStation Blog stated that pre-orders for the open-universe exploration game would open on March 3 and that it would cost you $59.99 – the going rate in North America for a full retail release.

The post was quickly abolished as someone at Sony HQ realised they’d let slip something they shouldn’t have, but we’ve all seen it now so expect Sony to come forth with a PlayStation Blog post in the near future with Hello Games in tow.

What’s left to be answered now is whether No Man’s Sky can justify the full-price number attached to the edge of the shelf edge come release. We didn’t really think that No Man’s Sky would get a full-price release; it was assumed for some time that it would be a downloadable title, but with it potentially costing $59.99, we wouldn’t rule out a disc release, too.