Looks Like Sony Bend Will Show Off Its New PS4 Game at PlayStation Experience Next Month

This is an interesting one to say the least: Sony Bend’s top-secret PS4 game may be closer to being shown than we thought. Actually, that’s a bit of a fib – we thought it would rear its supposedly horror-ridden head at Paris Games Week – but all indications are now pointing directly at the next PlayStation Experience.

One of the studio’s top designers, Eric Jensen, recently tweeted: “Hotel booked for PSX. It’s happening” before quickly removing the tweet. It looks as if Mr Jensen slipped something that we weren’t supposed to know about, eh? If history is anything to go by, then we can probably expect to hear a bit more about what Sony Bend’s got cooking over the next few weeks as leaks are all part of the process these days.

We’ve previously speculated that the game could be a revival of the Resistance series, but that’s just our thoughts based on rumours that the Uncharted: Golden Abyss developer is working on a horror game with enemies in the same vein as The Last of Us and Resident Evil.

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