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Looks Like the PS Store is Getting a New Design for Game Pages

The PS Store is pretty sharp these days on the PS4, and it’s certainly a far cry from the slow and cumbersome one we had to endure during the PS3’s era.

Despite it being pretty good already, it looks as if Sony is working on making a few changes to the current design, specifically the game listing pages.

Some leaked images revealed on Twitter show some new designs for game pages that look a little bit familiar to those who do some gaming on the Xbox One.

The images were first posted to twitter a few hours ago but we were unable to find the actual pages on The Games Cabin’s resident PS4; Sony has pulled the new design from the store. Still, screenshots now exist and we’ve nabbed them for your viewing pleasure.

Our best guess is that there is a new design in the works but some clonk pressed the wrong button at the wrong time and then quickly fixed the mistake. Expect something official from the PlayStation Blog soon, then.

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