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Looks Like the PS4 is Getting a €50 Price Cut in Mainland Europe Very Soon

Sony has been at it with its price-slashing box-cutter recently. The firm first announced a price-cut in Asia, then Japan, then North America.

(The Xbox One is also being discounted heavily in Europe.)

European and UK folks have been waiting anxiously to see if they’ll be treated to similar deals. Looks like the wait is almost over.

Many Dutch retailers are already advertising that the price-cut will come from October 21st and that there will be a blanket drop of 50. There’s no word on any UK retailer doing the same. Not yet at least.

Then in France, one retailer has also declared that the price-cut will be coming on the same date on the Assassin’s Creed Syndicate bundle and the regular console on its own. There’s nothing official from Sony just yet, but these are pretty solid claims from across two different European countries.

Just have to wait for the official announcement from Sony… And the UK official price-drop.

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  1. the price cut announcement is pretty much imminent, all they need to do is declare it. It would be cool to announce it along side the assassins creed syndicate bundle as I believe PS4 has some exclusive timed DLC included so yeah it would be great timing.

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