Lost Ark Beats New World on Steam Charts with 983,483 Players

Lost Ark Beats New World on Steam Charts of 983,483

It’s official, Lost Ark, the Korean Action MMOARPG by Smilegate Studios has risen past “big brother” New World, just hours after the official free-to-play launch with 983,483 Consecutive Players. The game officially launched for players who wanted to pay for a founders pack on the 8th, but now hordes of eager fans

The Lost Ark launch was off to a rocky start with the launch being delayed by about 8 hours today. Things have seemed to settle down and players are making their way in troves to Arkasia.

If you look at current players as of 8:23 EST, it appears a chunk of players dropped off (or maybe got disconnected)

We are anticipating that by the end of the weekend, the peak user record of lost ark will be further beaten again.

Steam Charts Current Players 2.11.22

There still appears to be server issues when trying to load up the game and a bunch of servers are locked due to an influx of players.

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