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The Cube is an End Game instanced content in Lost Ark. It is filled with new and exciting challenges that are sure to add yet another unique experience to the game. The Cube has random floors, unique mechanics, and fun events sure to surprise you. It is also another way to obtained valuable end game loot to improve your character or to just make more gold. You can complete it alone or with a party, however, it can be very challenging for inexperience players. This guide is going to go over everything you need to know about The Cube.

How do I get into The Cube?

To get access to the Cube, Players will need to complete the [Guide Quest] Announcement: Cube. Which is available once reaching level 50 and obtaining an item level of at least 302. It should be in the Quest Journal <J> under the Guide Tab.

Entry into the Cube requires the item Entrance Ticket: Cube. Entrance Tickets are dropped from the 2nd floor boss of Chaos Dungeons. Only Chaos Dungeons completed consuming the daily resource Aura of Resonance will award a ticket as loot for completion.

See our post on Daily Checklists to learn more about Daily Resets.

From the Cube Interface window, players can enter alone, with their party, be automatically matched with other players queuing, or they can create a lobby on their own to select players they want to be in the party.

While it is advisable to enter as a group, keep in mind your group composition. It’s not 100% necessary, but having a Bard, Paladin or Gunlancer for their support skills will really aid in survivability.

Where is The Cube?

To get to the cube you will need to head to any of the major cities. On the map the Cube is represented by a Yellow Cube icon.

What’s Inside the Cube?

When you enter the Cube, there will be a Set Up Area. From here you can equip Battle Items and change your skills or select a pre-made skill preset. Once you leave this area, you will enter the dungeon and no longer be able to change your skills and swap battle items from your inventory.

Each floor has a timer. Once the timer runs out ghosts will appear and inflict a lot of damage making it much more difficult to clear. It goes without saying you should not get hit by these if you want to survive. Clean up the remaining monsters and you’ll be able to continue.

Types of Floors

There are different levels in the Cube also known as Floors; similar to Chaos Dungeons and the Tower event. However, there are only 5 different types of Floors here and which ones you get are chosen at random. The floors can be identified by the color of the portal from the previous floor.

  • White Portal = Regular Floor: Normal class monsters with some Elites.
  • Magenta Portal = Elite Floor: Mostly Elite monsters.
  • Red Portal = Boss Floor: One or Two Bosses with a few Regular monsters.
  • Blue Portal = Survival Floor: If you get hit you die. No further questions.
  • Gold Portal = Lucky Floor: Treasure Chest containing Star’s Breaths , uncommon or rare Battle Engraving Recipes, and Silver.
The Cube next floor portal colors
Next Floor Entrance Portal Colors

Floor Effects

There are Positive and Negative effects randomly assigned to each separate floor. Some combinations of effects can add a drastic challenge to each floor. The effects will be shown in the top right corner of the screen.

Positive Effects:

  • Increased Attack and Movement Speed
  • Increased Damage
  • Increased Crit Rate
  • Cooldown Reductions
  • Life Steal
  • Increased Max Health
  • Improved Health Regen
  • Invincibility
  • Many others…

Negative Effects:

  • Attack Power Decreased
  • Movement Speed Decreased
  • Can’t use Battle Items
  • Max Health Reduced
  • Increased Damage Taken
  • Vision Reduced
  • Longer Skill Cooldowns
  • Death at the end of the timer
  • Many others…

What does the Cube Reward?

Depending on how many floors you are able to complete and how many players are alive you will be rewarded more. There are up to 19 Floors to be completed in the Cube. The Best rewards are given after completing floor 15. The Cube Diamond Chest contains Star’s Breath, Eternity Essences, uncommon or rare Battle Engraving Recipes, and Silver.

Chest Rewards are based upon the last completed Floor. If your whole party dies, you will receive the chest unlocked from the previous floor.

  • Floor 15+ : Cube Diamond Chest
  • Floor ~13 : Cube Platinum Chest
  • Floor ~10 : Cube Gold Chest
  • Floor ~7 : Cube Silver Chest
  • Floor ~3 : Cube Bronze Chest
  • Below Floor 3 : Nothing

Quick Tips

  • The Cube can have some challenging levels in it, make sure to bring a well optimized group with 1 support class, battle items, and the right skill build for your class.
  • If you’ve finished a Floor and your health is low, wait until the next Floor to use a Health Potion. The Floor Effect may provide a health recovery buff.
  • You can recover your health when there is a health absorption buff in the Survival Stage. Hit a self-destructive soldier, robot, etc.
  • To get in an Entrance Ticket: Cube is required and will be consumed immediately.
  • Each party member have an Entrance Ticket to be able to join.
  • Using Multiple Entrance Tickets will increase the reward potential.
  • You can still complete the floor so long as there is one player remaining alive. Dead players will be revived with 25% HP upon completion of that level.

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