How to Get Every Lost Ark Emote

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Emotes <Y> in Lost Ark are animations that come in the form of an item as a learnable “book”.

lost ark emotes
Emote Skill Book

Many emotes need to be obtained before they can be used in order to complete a specific action. The 3 uses for emotes are:

  • Completing Quest Objectives
  • Increasing Rapport Level with certain NPCs, and
  • Expressing your dissatisfaction with your party members when they inevitably fail at boss mechanics.

Some emotes are available by default, some are obtained during the [Main Quest] line, and others are harder to find. The difficult to obtain ones could potentially take weeks to obtain as they are locked behind daily tasks.

Below is a list of all the Emotes and where to obtain them in Lost Ark. We will update this post with individual step by step guides for some of the more challenging to obtain songs.

Emotes for Rapport

Rapport Emotes are actions that increase the Rapport Level with an NPC. Five (5) Emotes can be completed per day on a single Roster. Emotes reset at 5 am Server Time. These are the same /emote actions that you can obtain from various tasks within the game. The amount of Rapport gained per emote is the same across all NPCs.

How to get Emotes

Here is a table that lists of all the Emotes <Y> in alphabetical order and how to get them.

IconEmote NameAcquisition Method
AdvanceComplete 40% [Adventurer’s Tome] in Arthetine
Affection[Quest Chain] A Great Discovery from Moyamoya on Totopia. Reward from final quest.
Beg[Quest] Lina the Lovely from Pleasant Lina on Runaways Island
Blow a Kiss[Quest] Honorary Punikan from Kakarina in Nia Village in Punika
BoredComplete 70% [Adventurer’s Tome] in Rethramis
Cheers[World Quest] Master’s Drinking Table in Melody Forest in Anikka
CutePurchased from Yurei – Peyto for 5,000 silver
Error[Quest] Truth or Dare from Minerva on Wisdom Isle
Fear[Quest] The Faces of Terror from Schweiz on Metus Islands
Frustrated[Quest] The Totoikis’ Dream: Creation from Toto Elder on Toto Silver Island
InterrogateAdvance the [World Quest] in Arthetine. Reward from [Quest] The Three Leaders in Stern.
Joy[Rapport Level] Trusted with Mokamoka in Mokoko Village on Tortoyk Island
LailaiAdvance the [World Quest] in Punika. Reward from [Quest] Getting Ready for the Festival in Nia Village
LaughPurchased from Naphta in Flowering Orchard in East Luterra for 6,000 silver
Levitate[Quest] Pioneer of Shangra from Eunsun on any Shangra island
OathAdvance the [World Quest] in Feiton. Reward from [Quest] Dark Blade in Kalaja
PainReward at Reputation Level 3 for [Una Daily Task] Remnants of the Plague in Rethramis Border
Polite[Quest] Becoming a Queen from Vivian in Luterra Castle in East Luterra
PrayAdvance the [Main Quest] in Saland Hill. Reward from [Quest] Morai Ruins
ProudReward for obtaining 4 Masterpiece Collectibles
RespectAdvance the [World Quest] in North Vern. Reward from [World Quest] Ealyn’s Gift in Vern Castle
RoarPurchased from Blackfang in Freedom Isle for 3,360 Gienah’s Coin
Shy[Quest] A Good Day to Love Chain starts at Zenri in Liebeheim
Spirit Recovery[Quest] Pioneer of Shangra from Eunsun on any Shangra island
StretchComplete 70% [Adventurer’s Tome] in West Luterra
SurrenderAdvance the [Main Quest] in Luterra Castle. Reward from [Main Quest] Rebuilding Luterra from Ranche
Sway[Quest] Becoming an Idol from Danidani on Peyto
TauntPurchased from Blackfang in Freedom Isle for 3,360 Gienah’s Coin
ThreatenReward for obtaining 10 Island Token Collectibles
UmarkaAdvance the [World Quest] in Yorn. Reward from [Quest] Father Knows Best from Neria in Isendelf
Wave DanceReward for obtaining 35 Island Token Collectibles
WhistleReward at Reputation Level 3 for [Una Daily Task] Ruffians in the Ground in Azure Wind Island.