Lost Ark Guardian Raid Guide

In this Lost Ark Guardian Raid Guide, learn about when you can go to them, how often you can go, and what kind of loot you can expect.
Guardian Raid Guide Lost Ark

In this Lost Ark Guardian Raid Guide, we cover everything you should know about Guardian Dungeons including when you can go to them, how often you can go, and what kind of loot you can expect. If you scroll to the bottom, you will also find links to each individual boss fight so you can perfect your strategy.

In a Guardian Raid, you are fighting a specific boss, rather than a massive horde of enemies like in a Chaos Dungeon. Each Guardian Raid will feature a different boss, and you will want to know about them before rushing in to fight them.

When Can I Go To The Guardian Raid?

Guardian Raids are next up to complete once you have either a few Chaos Dungeons under your belt and have reached item level 302 or higher, or you have completed the [World Quest] in Shushire and obtained your iLvl 302 rare armor from those quests. You must also be level 50 of course.

Make sure you are all set up with the gear you want to use, the potions and battle items you will bring, and the skills and Tripod you are going to want to use within the dungeon before signing up!

TIP: You will have an opportunity to change these things inside the dungeon at the preparation zone.

guardian raid prep zone
Preparation Zone in Guardian Raid

How Often Can You Do Lost Ark Guardian Raids?

Guardian Raids can be run as many times as you would like. Before entering, you will be prompted with the option to Harvest the Guardians Soul or not. Each time you defeat a Guardian and Harvest its Soul, it uses up 1 Guardian Soul. If you fail the challenge, it will not count towards your daily limit. You can Harvest 2 Guardian Souls each day. This should be part of your daily routine if you want to make sure you are upgrading your iLvl efficiently

Harvest Guardian Soul Prompt
Harvest Guardian Soul Prompt

If you miss out and do not run your Guardian Raids for the day, each Guardian Soul will be converted to 10 “Resting Bonus”. So if you do not run either of your Guardian Raids for a day, you will end up with 20 Resting Bonus.

You can then apply 20 resting bonus on future Guardian Raids runs. If you have 20 Resting Bonus, it will be automatically consumed at the end of a successful Guardian Raid, and you will earn double the soul harvesting.

rest bonus xp guardian raid
Guardian Raid Rest Bonus Harvest Soul

Where To Sign Up for Guardian Raids

There are two ways you can sign up to get into a Guardian Raids in Lost Ark.

  1. You can sign up for the Guardian Raid at the Bulletin Board in town that has this icon on the map:
guardian raid lost ark
Guardian Raid Symbol

2. You can actually queue up for any group content from Anywhere in Lost Ark with the Party Finder <Hotkey ; >. You do not need to be at the NPC to sign up for a Guardian Raid. The top-right portion of your screen will have a Party Finder icon. You can click this, select Guardian Raids, and sign up here, from anywhere!

Party Finder Icon
Party Finder Icon
Party Finder menu
Party Finder Menu

Guardian Raids Explained

In a Guardian Raid, you will be searching and eliminating certain bosses with your party. These are challenging encounters and each raid is different.

You can think of these raids like hunting the boss down. You must search and find the boss, then damage the boss enough to make it to the next phase. At the end of one phase, the boss may take off or the world around you may change and you need to move along, dodge mechanics, and chase down the boss to start the next phase.

After you have completed all the phases, finally pin the boss down and defeat it, you will get your precious loot.

Guardian Raids Bosses, Loot, and Levels

There are currently a whopping 24 levels of Guardian Raids available to players in Lost Ark as of the time of this writing in other regions. In the NA / EU launch, there will only be the first 20 bosses available on launch.

Here are the names of all the Guardian Raid Bosses that will be available in the NA/EU launch of Lost Ark, and as our guides continue to complete, these will be linked to their respective boss guides. You will be able to see what they can drop if you follow to their specific guide link below, otherwise there are too many items to include here.

Image GuardianMin iLvlGuide Link
icon Ur’Nil302Ur’Nil Guide Here
iconLumerus340Lumerus Guide Here
iconIcy Legoros380Icy Legoros Guide Here
iconVertus420Vertus Guide Here
iconChromanium460Chromanium Guide Here
iconFlame Fox Yoho540Flame Fox Yoho Guide Here
iconThaitalos580Thaitalos Guide Here