Best Lost Ark PvP Stat Points For All Classes

lost ark pvp stats

Lost Ark is a game with many features, gameplay systems, and ways to play the game. Many players love the game for the PvP and how it is fully equalized. With PvP being equalized, all players are able to select which stats they want to start with before starting a match.

You are able to customize these stats before entering a PvP match, and so you will want to know which Lost Ark PvP stat points are the best to choose.

PvP Stats Explained

The first thing you should know is what stat points you are allowed to choose from, and what each of them do. When you choose your PvP stats, they will only be active within a PvP match. Any other combat stats you have based on your gear and level will not be in effect during a PvP match. This means it is very important to get your stat choices right!

  • Specialization – Improves the special ability effectiveness of your class (Z keybind default), resource recovery, and awakening skill damage.
  • Crit – Increases chance to critically hit with your attacks.
  • Swiftness – Increase attack and movement speed, and reduces duration of cooldowns.
  • Endurance – Increases armor, shields, and health pool.
  • Expertise – Increases the durations of debuffs you cast, reduces the duration of debuffs cast on you, and increases your damage to staggered enemies.
  • Domination – Increases damage to crowd controlled (CCd) and debuffed enemies.
Will Update to NA SS on Release

Best Lost Ark PvP Stats

With the knowledge of what each stat in the game means, now we look at the best lost ark pvp stats for any class. The best build of these stats exists regardless of what class you are playing. You can learn more about each class in our class guides, but this is what we recommend for you to use in PvP:

  • Specialization – 0
  • Crit – 0
  • Swiftness 1000
  • Endurance – 0
  • Expertise – 0
  • Domination 250

This build is very straight forward. Every class really excels in stacking the Swiftness stat. This stat gives you the increased attack speed to get your skills off quickly, gives you increased movement speed to dodge or run out of range from incoming attacks, and also most importantly, lowers your precious skills cooldowns. One key to exceling in PvP is to get your skills off as soon as possible in the right time when enemies are vulnerable, so having low cooldowns will mean you can use them more often.

Since you can only take Swiftness to a maximum of 1000, Domination is your secondary stat. The Domination stat is vital as your team will also want to CC enemies before unloading your burst damage, which means you will do a lot more damage to them as well.


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