Lost Ark Respite And Glory Skin Sets

The Lost Ark Respite and Glory skins sets are new additions to the game that come as part of the October update, which introduces a tonne of new content, and the long-awaited Ark Pass season 2, which is full of rewards to claim. Lost Ark has had a strong release year after finally launching in the west and opening up to a whole new audience of players. There have been frequent updates since the release which have added new classes, continents, quests, and more. So if you want to secure yourself the best armour from the latest update, check out how to get the Lost Ark Respite and Glory skin sets. 

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How To Get The Lost Ark Respite And Glory Skin Sets

As of writing this, the skin isn’t available, but it will be later today (October 12) after the scheduled weekly maintenance has finished up. According to the Lost Ark blog, the maintenance is set to begin at 8 pm BST (12 am PT/8 am CEST) and will run for up to four hours before the servers come back online. 

One of the biggest aspects of this update is the Ark Pass season 2, which is key to acquiring the Respite and Glory skin sets. Like the previous one, completing missions will level up your pass and begin earning you rewards like honing materials or currencies, but you can also level up your pass by exchanging Royal Crystals. This will turn it into the Premium Ark Pass or the Super Premium Ark Pass. The latter pass is where you can claim either the Respite or Glory skin sets after hitting the required Ark Pass level. 

The Glory skin sets are white, while the Respite sets are black. Both sets come with chest pieces, headware, and pants which change based on class and gender, along with various weapon changes for Assassins, Gunners, Mages, Martial Artists, and more. 

That’s all for our breakdown of the Lost Ark Respite and Glory skin sets, and now you know how to acquire both sets from the Ark Pass.

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