Lost Ark Server Status

You may want to know the current Lost Ark server status for the latest October update, which adds a tonne of new content, including the much-requested Ark Pass season 2. Lost Ark is an MMORPG, and as a constantly online experience, the servers will have to taken down from time to time for updates, patches, and necessary fixes. So if you need to know the Lost Ark server status right now, and are wondering if you are able to play, we’ve got you covered. 

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Lost Ark Server Status

According to the Lost Ark server status website, the North America West, North America East, and Europe Central servers are undergoing maintenance, while the Europe West and South America servers aren’t displaying their status correctly. This maintenance seems to be much earlier than the scheduled maintenance for the update, which has been confirmed on the Lost Ark forums. The servers in all regions will be taken offline later today (October 12th) at 8 pm BST (12 am PT/ 7 am UTC/9 am CEST) for the scheduled maintenance, and is set to last for up to four hours. It seems players won’t be able to play much Lost Ark today. 

The new update is set to add a lot of content, with the biggest addition being the Ark Pass season 2, which features lots of resources like honing materials, currencies, and pheons. Players who upgrade to the Super Premium Ark Pass will also be able to claim one of the Lost Ark Respite and Glory skin sets for their characters. The rest of the update seems to focus on bug fixes and patches, such as the Chaos Dungeon Rest Bonus value not applying correctly in some cases. 

That’s all for our Lost Ark server status guide, and now you know when today’s scheduled maintenance is set to take place. 

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