Lost Sea for Xbox One, PS4 and PC Gets a Shipload of New HD Screenshots

You may be excused for not really knowing what Lost Sea is, but we’ll give you a quick reminder before you go ahead and scroll through the ton of screenshots that we’ve received today.

Lost Sea is an action-adventure game from Hong Kong developer East Asia Soft. The game takes place on a procedurally generated archipelago¬†in a B-movie cartoon universe. The game is in development for PC, Xbox One and PS4, and it’s due to release sometime in the summer months of 2016. It’s a lovely looking game, and now you can see for yourself in 48 screenshots provided by the developers. Just go ahead and give em’ a click.

Has this one been on your nautical radar, or is this the first you’ve heard of this scurvy game? More importantly, does it sound like one you’d be interested in?

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