Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam Bros Pre-Order Comes With a Minecraft-Style Papercraft Set

UK gamers who pre-order Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam Bros from the UK Nintendo store will get a nifty little extra bonus, and better yet, it’s not some DLC. Wicked.

If you pre-order the 3DS game from the Nintendo store you’ll receive a papercraft set which, as you can see above, looks very Minecraft. That’s not a bad thing, in fact, we really like the design of the papercraft models. There is one discrepancy, though: the Nintendo store sells the game for £34.99 whereas Amazon has it for five quid cheaper. You’ll have to decide, then, if the papercraft kit is worth the extra fiver.

Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam Bros releases on Nintendo 3DS this December 4th in the UK and Europe. Just in time for Christmas. Lovely. North American players will have to wait until January 22nd as that’s when the game releases in the land of freedom and fries.

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