Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash Has a Smashing New Trailer

Nintendo players haven’t got that many games to be excited about this coming holiday season; at least not as many as their PC, Xbox One and PS4 brethren.

There’s still some joy to be found, though, as Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash really does look smashing. Terrible pun, yes, but it’s also accurate so please don’t bother the comedy police on this occasion. We’ve done worse, honestly.

Nintendo has released a new trailer for the Wii U exclusive and it’s managed to get us lot excited about a sport that none of us even play. Only Nintendo can do that with its charming games. Damn you Ninty, damn you.

The trailer is down below for your viewing pleasure. Be warned, though; you might want to keep the volume down a bit as anyone listening in out of context might think those grunts and cheers are something a little more adult than Nintendo is used to.

Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash releases on November 20th for the Nintendo Wii U.