Marvel Snap Something Went Wrong Error: How To Fix

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Marvel Snap is fantastic – until it doesn’t work. There’s nothing worse than having the advantage over your enemy and being disconnected or having the game crash. It’s incredibly frustrating, and unfortunately not something you can plan ahead for.

Some players are being hit with an error that claims something went wrong in Marvel Snap. If this is your first time happening or is happening frequently, you could be pulling your hair out. If you fall into either of these camps, we have some solutions to fix the something went wrong error in Marvel Snap.

How To Fix The Something Went Wrong Error In Marvel Snap

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As with most errors in games, there’s a variety of solutions to solve this Marvel Snap error. Each of these has been reported by players online, with some odd fixes that seem to rectify the problem. If you’re running into the something went wrong error in Marvel Snap, try the following possible solutions to solve the issue:

  • Make a copy of your deck and equip it: It’s been reported this could be a glitch with your deck and a duplicate can sort the issue.
  • Ensure Marvel Snap is fully updated: Visit your App Store and check for any updates.
  • Clear your system’s cache: If possible, visit your system settings on a hardware level and attempt to rectify this issue.
  • Delete and reinstall Marvel Snap: This should be your final resort.

If after attempting any of these solutions you’re still running into the something went wrong issue in Marvel Snap, be sure to reach out to the developer on social media or via other official channels. It can be a pain, but hopefully, you can quickly jump back into the game.