Media Molecule Talks VR, Dreams’ Paris Games Week Reveal, Little Big Planet and More

One of the most creative, if not the most creative studios in the games industry has got to be Media Molecule. Little Big Planet, Tearaway and the upcoming Dreams are all the sort of things you’d pull out of the imagination of a sugar-loaded toddler – not a bunch of grown people.

The studio hosted an AMA (ask me anything) on Reddit today and revealed a few interesting bits, most notably that its new game Dreams will be getting a full reveal at this year’s Paris Games Week. The studio is also working with PlayStation VR (new name, Morpheus is out) and had a lot to say on the tech.

“We love new hardware to play with, and get inspired by – but it needs the right game to go with it, so we’ll keep playing for now and let you know in the future!”

Not too long until Paris Games Week where we’ll almost certainly get a trailer and some gameplay to gawp at.

“Hello! Jenny here 🙂 Thanks for your question! We will be revealing lots more info about Dreams at Paris Games Week which starts on October 28th so not too long to wait now! Until then, we are enabling our secret squirrels :)”

Media Molecule may not be in with the burlap sack crowd anymore, but they’re still involved to a degree and may even return at some point.

“Hello it’s Jenny 🙂 Thanks for your question. We love LittleBigPlanet and Sackboy and we will always keep up with the LBP community (who are amazing). We never say never but at the moment our focus is on our exciting future with Dreams and celebrating our most recent release Tearaway Unfolded! :)”

They’ve only got good things to say about PlayStation VR, though we suspect they’re hardly going to diss it. They’d be shut down faster than you can say, well, anything.

“Heya! Thank you for your question 🙂 Jenny: PSVR is a very exciting piece of kit and we’re always keen to work with the new and exciting things that Sony develops. If we have any good ideas we’ll let the world know 🙂 We also don’t look after the LBP series anymore, although we still love to see what Sackboy and his woolly chums are getting up to 🙂 We don’t know what the plans are for LBP or LBP Karting. Sumo Digital made LBP3 and Sony XDev are looking after the series now.”


        1. Being that Dreams is about creation and variety of experiences for the end user and creative types I think it’s fair to say that the game would incorporate different perspectives into it’s design.

          Maybe MM have something else in development alongside Dreams, like a more VR targeted game, as apposed to something that may use the tech as an extra feature.

          I would think GT7 will have a VR mode as well.

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