Medieval Dynasty Review (PC): A Survival RPG

In this medieval dynasty review, I have inserted all the necessary elements that have the capability to kill you at the moment if you are not paying proper attention to the blog post. In this game, progress means learning the basics of balancing gentler and nurturing the aspects of the game.

In the game, you can gain various unique skills when you go out into the open world, and before fighting off with the enemies you can master them.

Trade Off

Trade Off

While grinding off, you learn to build and craft out new items, and as you increase your passive points; you need to spend money to unlock blueprints. You can spend money on the merchants in each of the villages to buy food, equipment, or anything you want to craft on.

The medieval dynasty is a survival game. The important element that set a higher standard of this game is that it’s not just about staying alive out in the open world, but it is also about how well you can manage your community.

In the game, you need to start your own small town and keep it running regularly, and you also need to keep building it from a single house to a proper sleep-in, till it becomes a motel full of people who have different jobs.

Assigning the jobs to the people means they will help you out in gathering the resources and stuff but you are the one in charge here.

As the game moves forward, a new danger appears. While the game’s primary focus is not on the combat mode as different combat has different weapons and they offer different attack modes.

For example, if you use knives it can be used upon an opponent as long as you have stamina. But a spear is useful while attacking an opponent when you are far from him. In the medieval dynasty, you will fight in the open world-life as you go hunting.

open world-life

In the game, when you are being attacked by a small group of bandits, they are not an enormous threat to you but your villagers lack the intensity of fighting so it will be your responsibility to clean them off before they prove to be a devastating threat to your little paradise.


This game has some cool and comprehensive slides that allow you to do things like delete the temperature entirely or cut down, broaden the number of food that the citizens need to live in.

diminish the bandit attack

You possess the ability to diminish the bandit attacks if you want to live in a beautiful and peaceful environment where people are really nice to each other. Surprising isn’t it? The approach is accessible.

Even when things take a brutal turn, the game feels like an afterlife rather than being a fantasy one. The game is designed to give you an insight into the Medieval Dynasty mechanism while presenting a wide-ranging narrative.


Medieval Dynasty is an exciting RPG game of survival methods and is comforting to play. It’s that kind of game in which you can invest a night or several hours to watch your progress develop into a new building getting converted into your own town.

So, I hope this medieval dynasty review will be a befitting blog for all gamers out there who are trying to invest their time into the game and I can bet that it won’t disappoint you at all. For more such interesting reviews and updates check out Gamingnix.

All-in-all this medieval dynasty review is the perfect solution for you to decide whether you would want to invest your faith into this game or not!


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Total Score


  • Comforting gameplay
  • Open world
  • Unique Skill system


  • Some quests are repetitive
  • NPC AI could be improved
  • UI needs some improvement
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