Meet The Games Cabin Crew

Ever wondered who the keyboard monkeys are that write the news and reviews you read? Ever wanted to put a name to the guy you disagree on a review score with?

Below you’ll find The Games Cabin’s staff of writers. Every one of us that writes for The Games Cabin is dedicated to bringing you the latest news presented in a fun and easy-to-read format. We’re extremely proud of what we’ve achieved so far, and we’re looking forward to expanding our ranks in the future.


Chris Harding – Director, Editor, News Writer, Reviewer

Chris started the site back in 2012. At the time it was nothing more than a poxy blog. Today, Chris manages to day-to-day running of the site and keep everything running smoothly. Sort of. He’s an avid gamer and will play anything that’s put in from of him – even Snakes ‘n’ Ladders. You can contact Chris via @chrishardingtgc

Conor Hutton – Editor, News Writer, Reviewer

Conor is currently trying to perfect his Rocket League strategy in anticipation of the new Mutators. More importantly he’s trying to track down the site of The Games Cabin, if you have any knowledge of its whereabouts let him know @conorlhutton

Stefan Mancevski – Editor, News Writer, Reviewer

When he’s not working, Stefan is playing, discussing, and even breathing video games. You can currently find him on Xbox One, PS3, and PC. Stefan spends most of his time on The Games Cabin fixing the silly mistakes that slip by.

Lloyd Hawker – News Writer, Reviewer

Lloyd is the resident Nintendo enthusiast who can tell you exactly how many coins are in every Mario level. Rumour has it that Lloyd actually managed to complete Super Mario Sunshine using the Bongo drums…

Jak Conor – News Writer

Jak is The Games Cabin’s tech expert. If there’s a new driver for a game, a new SLI update, or even a new cooling fan in the works, Jak knows about it.

Sam Soares – News Writer

Samuel is a Portuguese student who dreams of becoming a journalist. Having a passion on both writing and video games, writing about video games just seems the way to go. He is also a keen consumer of web-comics and, at the end of day, loves nothing more than a good ol’ Hearthstone match.

Jack Palmer – News Writer

Jack is a British person-wot-plays-video-games and enjoys writing about video games, thinking about video games, talking about video games and, occasionally, if he’s feeling really daring, even playing video games (shock, gasp etc).

Dominic Kwaczynski – News Writer, Reviewer

Dominic’s gaming passion stems from a love of art in all its forms. When he is not playing games (or watching a movie) he’s thinking or talking about them in a pretentious manner. When he is not doing either, he’s sleeping; which he believes is the only reason his eyes are not square.

Christian Reinoehl – News Writer, Reviewer

Christian loves nothing more than putting his feet up after a long day of work, cracking open a can of Fanta, and playing some premium games. Ah, the simple life…

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