Mega Man Legacy Collection Launches on 3DS February 23rd, 2016 – New Screenshots Inside

A little earlier on this year, Capcom released the Mega Man Legacy Collection across most platforms. However, the Nintendo 3DS version was nowhere to be seen. The good news is that we won’t be waiting too long to play the classics of the past on a handheld as Capcom has announced today that the collection will be releasing on the 3DS this February 23rd digitally as well as at retail.

The Mega Man Legacy Collection contains the original six 8-bit games that we all smashed through as kids, as well as some new features such as Museum Mode which allows players to browse vintage concept art, production assets and more. If you’re an amiibo collector and happen to have the original Mega Man amiibo, you’ve got a few extras, too. There are a total of eleven 3DS exclusive challenges that can be accessed by using the Mega Man amiibo.

There will also be a special edition for enthusiasts to throw money at, the contents of which are detailed below. The Gold Mega Man amiibo will only be available in North America. You can pre-order yours here.

Nintendo 3DS Standard Edition contents (MSRP $29.99):
– Full game
– 2 Nintendo 3DS Mega Man Themes
– Sample compilation soundtrack featuring 18 songs from Mega Man 1-6
– 4 Mega Man stickers

Nintendo 3DS Collector’s Edition contents (MSRP $49.99):
– Standard edition, including all physical bonus items
– Set of 6 Mega Man postcards
– Exclusive gold-colored Mega Man amiibo

Xbox One and PlayStation 4 retail version contents (MSRP $29.99):
– Full game
– Robot Master cheat sheet
– Sample compilation soundtrack featuring 18 songs from Mega Man 1-6
– 4 Mega Man stickers

Capcom has also been kind enough to sent over some screenshots of the game, so go on and give them a look down in the gallery below.


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