Melty Blood: Type Lumina Patch Notes – Jan 20, 2022

A new January 2022 Melty Blood patch today was released for the game. We can see a lot of new updates in here that will be sure to improve the game. Check out the official patch notes below.

The new update should introduce bug fix issues and crashes players have been experiencing.

Melty Blood January 20 Update

Changed Moon Charge so it can no longer be activated by holding the C button.

・Fixed bug where the actions for Dead Apostle Noel’s Shield Counter B+C appeared strange when hit with “Dazzling Echo”.

・Fixed bug where a KO from Aoko Aozaki’s “Retrograde – Genesis Light Year” does not trigger a Last Arc Finish.

・Fixed bug where Aoko Aozaki’s “Floating Starmine” sometimes disappeared the moment it was activated.

・Fixed bug where Kouma Kishima’s movements appeared strange after taking a hit during the “Crushing Blow” super armor.

・Adjusted the command input time for Specials during battles.

・Other minor bug fixes.


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