Metro REDUX and Escape Dead Island Added to PSN Discounts

This week’s European PSN sale was a bit of a downer: Sony didn’t bother to list most of the games on offer over on the PlayStation Blog, but instead chose a select few big-name games and a ton of DLC, but left all the smaller games and indies for everyone to find for themselves. Shame really, but even then the reaction when we posted the full list of deals wasn’t amazing, with many claiming indies to be crap. You just can’t win, can you?

The good news is that a couple of bigger-name games have since been discounted on the UK/EU PSN. Granted, they’re a little long in the tooth, but they’re still worth a look if you’ve got a few quid burning a hole in your pocket/digital wallet.

First up we have Metro REDUX for the PS4 which contains both original Metro games but in remastered form with next-gen visuals and 60fps gameplay. You also got all the downloadable content added in at no extra cost. Speaking of, it’ll cost you £24.99 – down from £29.99. Not a great price drop, but it’s saving you a fiver which is better than nothing. Oddly enough, this one’s getting a physical release in the near future.

Secondly we have Escape Dead Island. Turning its back on the series’ first-person gameplay, Escape Dead Island plays out as a third-person action/survival/adventure game. It’s actually pretty good and you can read more about it in our review here. The price: £15.99 – down from £19.99. Again, not a massive saving, but if you’re looking forward to Dead Island 2 and need some more Dead Island in your life, you can’t really go wrong.

And that’s it. Either of these tickle your pickle, or are you going to wait for the incoming Black Friday? Remember to check in with The Games Cabin to keep up to date with all the deals and discounts as well as gaming news, reviews, previews etc etc.

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