Metroid Dread: Everything that we (Currently) Know

As you may already know, the Metroid series is getting a new entry 4 years since it’s last game release (Metroid: Samus Returns) and 19 years since the last mainline game (Metroid Fusion) Dread being a direct sequel to the latter.

Metroid Dread: What is the Story?

As already mentioned, Dread will be a direct sequel to Fusion, if you forgot about the events of previous games don’t worry, let’s make a Quick recap of the main games. It’s worth mentioning that according to producer Sakamoto players can enjoy the story without this knowledge.

  • Samus goes to planet Zebes to defeat the Space Pirates led by Mother Brain, who are plotting using Metroids as a weapon.
  • The Galactic Federation sends Samus to the Metroid’s home planet (SR388) with the objective of exterminating the species entirely.
  • Samus succeds on her mission, but leaves the planet with a Metroid hatchling that sees her as it’s mother.
  • Samus returns to the Galactic Federation and hands them the baby Metroid.
  • Ridley invades the station and kidnaps the Baby, Samus pursues them to Zebes.
  • Mother Brain is still alive but overpowers Samus, the Baby rescues her and grants her energy to defeat mother Brain at the cost of it’s life. Zebes is destroyed.
  • Exploring SR388, X parasite infects Samus.
  • Samus almost dies, but scientists rescue her with a vaccine made from Metroid cells, X main predators.
  • X parasite escapes containment using Samus power suit abilities, mimicking her, these Doppelgangers are known as SA-X.
  • Samus is the only one who can defeat the parasite due to the Metroid vaccine.
  • An AI named Adam helps Samus navigate through the station
  • Samus discovers the Federation has several Metroids in captivity on BSL station, and learns they want to weaponize X.
  • With the help of Adam, she crashes BSL on SR388.

Some of these events are relevant for this game from what we saw at the trailer and Gameplay below as well as some Dev’s hints.

Metroid Dread – Announcement Trailer

The series has chronicled the uncanny relationship between these Metroids and the heroine Samus, but this game will mark an end to that story arc.

Yoshio Sakamoto, Producer

The most relevant events for this game are resumed at the start of the game being the ones that happen on fusion, like Adam being Samus ship AI now.

The story will develop on planet ZDR where the Federation sent robots named Extraplanetary Multiform Mobile Identifier or E.M.M.I in search of remaining X parasites, Samus goes there being the only one who can fight against the parasite.


The game returns to the gameplay seen in Samus Returns, a 2D exploration-based action game combined with the suspense atmosphere that Fusion offered, this mostly thanks to E.M.M.I who fulfill the role of SA-X on this entry.

Each E.M.M.I will have different abilities as well as limited zones they can be, and are mostly immune to all attacks except for Samus new ability: Omega Cannon which Samus can use temporarily by taking energy from the central computers scattered across ZDR.

As for other tricks we have the returning melee counter this move can be used as a dash counter, being one of the most important abilities against enemies, as well as the slide and phantom cloak which makes Samus invisible at the cost of Aeion, also making a comeback is Samus spider ability.

Classic moves also return: Charge Beam, Missiles, Morph Ball and maybe other ones such as Super Missiles, Power Bombs, Screw Attack and Suit upgrades.

What to expect

This entire section will be my opinion on what we could see in the future.

This Samus is the most agile in a game we have seen, she has a lot of new tools to combat any threats that she faces, it seems that controlling her will be a delight.

For the sections where caution is needed, like E.M.M.I zones, you will have to cross several times and some of them will have enemies to make things harder, and if you are a completionist like myself then we are bound to explore, which can be scary with E.M.M.I close.

I think it is pretty safe to assume we will encounter Metroid’s again being the arc end between them and Samus. But that does not mean it’s the last chronological game from Samus, there are still X parasites to worry about, also safe to assume there will be in this game and maybe learn more from them.

There are Chozo related things, so we can expect that given the chozo were involved with Metroids, they were aware of X parasites, so maybe they knew how to deal with them without Metroids.

For E.M.M.I, the Federation is angry that Samus went against them back at BSL and gave E.M.M.I orders to eliminate her and claim X parasites. The real question is if Space Pirates are still remaining, in Fusion X mimic Ridley, but he revives every game so i wouldn’t count on him staying dead.

Finally, something interesting is the way the game is structured, beginning from the core of the planet instead of outside, the goal is to escape, not discover, this makes one of 2 options. Either Samus entered through an elevator or something like that, or she already went through this some other way, and she already found out what she needed.

Well, this is it for me, if you want to dig deeper Nintendo is uploading updates here.

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