Microsoft Shipping Free 10th Anniversary Xbox 360’s

xbox 360

A free gift, from Microsoft?

To celebrate the 10th birthday of Xbox Live, Microsoft are sending out some special Xbox 360’s to those who have been with the service the longest.

Some lucky customers will be receiving a brand new and completely free 10th Anniversary Edition Xbox 360 console. The console itself will come dressed for the occasion with a custom design to the outer shell and a custom controller to match. If you’ve been with Xbox Live from the beginning then watch out for the post man, he might just be on his way to deliver you a special parcel.

xbox 360

I first got on Xbox Live in 2007, so I think I can safely count myself out of receiving one of these brilliant and rare freebies. I’m sure a couple will end up on eBay or Amazon, so if you really really want one of these rarities, you’ll probably be able to get one on the aforementioned websites, just don’t expect it to come cheap…

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How long have you been with Xbox Live for? Long enough to be in with a chance of getting one of these? Let us know below!

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