Minecraft: 10 Most Popular Texture Packs (2022 List)

So many amazing Texture packs to choose from.
Minecraft: 10 Most Popular Texture Packs (2022 List)

Minecraft is a game that allows players to create their worlds using blocks. Players can choose from thousands of different textures and variations, allowing them to build whatever they imagine. One of the best things about Minecraft is its blocky and simplistic look.

This makes it easy for anyone to make their textures for the game. Nothing makes a Minecraft game more beautiful than a texture pack, so when looking for the perfect texture pack to use, you should look at the ones below:

Best Texture Packs for Minecraft

These texture packs are available all over the Internet, including on Minecraft Forums. But, TexturesPack.com is an excellent place to start. This site compiles a list containing all the most requested packs.

1. Alacrity


Alacrity is a pack that features a gritty and washed-out look. While it’s not always the most popular, we love it because it puts together an aesthetic that is unique and doesn’t look like anything else. Alacrity proves you can go in another direction in a world of bright and happy packs.

Alacrity’s main appeal isn’t in its style of textures but in how it approaches them. The pack uses low-resolution surfaces, which are then given some post-process effects to provide them with a more modern look. Since the textures aren’t all that complicated, you don’t need to worry about performance issues with this pack.

2. Excalibur


Excalibur was created by a group of people who wanted to add more detail to their favorite game, Minecraft. This texture pack adds a lot of detail to the game. They wanted something that would be fun but also have some realism to it so they could enjoy playing with friends on multiplayer servers without having to worry about getting bored after a while because everything looked too similar all over again or didn’t fit into what their imagination was telling them should happen next in their adventure.

3. Autumn Season

Autumn Season

The Autumn Season pack is perfect for those who want to experience a warm fall feel without dealing with the flurries of snow. The leaves turn gold and orange like you’d expect them to during an autumn season. But there’s also a bonus: instead of autumn leaves falling from trees, you’ll get one of several different types of fruit. So if you’re feeling peckish as you’re chopping down trees to make your latest build and suddenly see a pear fall out of the tree instead of leaves, go ahead and take a bite.

4. Better Vanilla Animals

Better Vanilla Animals

Better Vanilla Animals is a mod designed to bring Minecraft animals closer to real life. The pack is based on the idea that creatures need to be more realistic and in line with their environment. It’s not a massive overhaul of the game but instead takes what you already know and love about Minecraft animals and makes them feel more like part of the game world.

The pack adds more color to each species of animal. For example, chickens are now colored. Differently, pigs have different textures, cows are different colors, and sheep now have different patterns. There’s not much else to the Better Vanilla Animals pack, but it does have a lot of charm. If you’re looking for a great texture pack that brings animals closer to real-life without being too dramatic, this is an excellent choice.

5. City Tweaks

City Tweaks

City Tweaks is one of the most popular texture packs available for Minecraft. The reason behind this is its simplicity and usefulness. Instead of changing the look of your game drastically, it makes a few changes that immensely enhance your world’s appearance. One such example is the addition of signs to all plants, which means you don’t have to hover over them to know what they are anymore.

A few changes are made to the way the sky looks in City Tweaks, which can give your game a fresh new feel if you’ve been playing for a long time. It also comes with a wide range of other tweaks, explained in detail on the resource pack’s page on Planet Minecraft.

6. Crisp Revival

Crisp Revival

Crisp Revival has a straightforward, cartoonish style that is in stark contrast to the pixelated look of most Minecraft textures. The pack features extensive use of emissive lighting and ample, blocky edges, making it look like a Minecraft game rendered on a classic Nintendo console. The package comes with several included shaders to make the most of its detail-rich textures and lighting effects. If you want to download this pack, be sure also to grab the latest version of Optifine, as it will boost your framerate significantly. This pack does require MCPatcher or Optifine for some features.

7. Overgrowth


Overgrowth is a relatively old but still trendy texture pack that has been around for many years now. Overgrowth features a very realistic look and will make your world look more natural. This pack is designed in 64×64, but there is a 32×32 version if you prefer that resolution.

8. Hafen


Hafen is a new yet trendy resource pack that has been around for only a few months. It offers a unique design that feels original and fresh compared to most other traditional methods today. This pack comes in two variants, one with 16×16 textures and one with 32×32 textures.

9. Pastel Craft

Pastel Craft

Pastel Craft is one of the most popular Minecraft texture packs ever made. It has a simple and clean look, yet it adds a new twist to the game by adding an overall pastel and bright look that makes Minecraft look like a new game altogether. It’s a very colorful pack, which changes everything from the face of the world itself to characters and items. It’s important to note that this pack is only available for Minecraft Java Edition; however, if you’re playing on another platform, you won’t be able to use it.

10. Bloom


If you’re looking to enhance the visual quality of your Minecraft game, Bloom is one of the most popular texture packs available. The pack comes with different textures, including new sky, clouds, and lighting. The most noticeable change it brings to the game is that it makes the lighting much more realistic. The pack also comes with a config file that allows you to adjust how Bloom enhances Minecraft’s visuals. You can choose to keep the textures or disable them all together to get minimal changes to the game’s visual quality.

Wrapping Up

Minecraft texture packs are essentially changing how the base game looks. They either improve existing textures or give them a new look. This is done using various tools and techniques, depending on the creator’s desire to achieve. The other types of resource packs include behavior packs and data packs. When it comes to texture packs, there’s plenty to choose from.

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