Minecraft Education Edition: What Is It?

Minecraft Education Edition

So, what is Minecraft Education Edition? As you may know, Minecraft has many editions having nuances that make them somewhat unique from one another. We have Minecraft Education Edition, a not-so-popular version of Minecraft that has a lot of potential to work as an immersive bridge between students, engineers, and other such entities and their education. You can continue reading our guide on what is Minecraft Education Edition for more details. 

What Is Minecraft Education Edition?

Minecraft Education Edition is a game-based learning platform that builds STEM skills, unleashes creativity hidden in students, engages them in collaboration and problem solving, and many other things that sharpen their minds and unravel their creativity. 

You can use Minecraft Education Edition to make engineering models, projects, showcases, and a myriad of other things. It all depends on your requirements and your creativity. Minecraft Education Edition offers almost every resource you need to make educational, engineering, and other similar stuff more immersive and detailed.

There are more than hundreds of pre-made worlds in Minecraft Education Edition that you can access from the get-go. With features that allow you to create your virtual world. 

How Is Minecraft Education Edition Different Than Normal Bedrock and Java Editions?

While Minecraft Education Edition is built on the Bedrock version, coded with C++ to support maximum compatibility, Education Edition has a few extra features that the original lacks. 

  • Educational Tools: Camera, Portfolio, and Book & Quill let players capture learning, write stories and export their observations for sharing with others.
  • Code Builder and the Agent: An in-game coding companion that operates on the codes written by students and executed in the in-game code editor. 
  • Chemistry: The Minecraft Education Edition offers resources based on Chemistry that allows students to learn basic building blocks of matter, different elements, how they combine with others, reactions, and many other things. 
  • Lesson Plans: The Minecraft Education Edition has a library of educational materials, including lesson plans that you can use as a teacher or parent to teach your child or student. 

Many other things make Minecraft Education Edition a creative way to make your student or child learn Science and other subjects.

How To Download And Install Minecraft Education Edition

You can download Minecraft Education Edition via its official website. Once there, select your role. Are you an Educator? A Parent? An IT Admin? Or an educational camp or club owner? You can choose the correct position, eventually leading to a download page. 

Click on the Download button to start downloading the Minecraft Education Edition installer that sizes up to 884 MB. Go through the installation process to install and play Minecraft Education Edition

That is it. This concludes our guide on what is Minecraft Education Edition. For more Minecraft guides, be sure to keep reading The Games Cabin.