Minecraft Mountain Base Build (Instructions and Materials)

Minecraft Mountain house build instructions guide

I have always dreamed of living a life as a rugged mountain man. While, I am almost 100% sure this won’t happen in my human life, I stumbled across a video by MarchiWORX that gave me inspiration to make it happen in Minecraft.

The best way to really understand this build is to watch the video at the end of the article from MarchiWORX. They regularly release Minecraft building guides on their YouTube channel and all are just incredible.

Materials for a Minecraft Mountain Base

  • White Concrete 183
  • Dark Oak Trapdoor 72
  • Sand 53
  • Glass 42
  • Dark Oak Planks 26
  • Bamboo 21
  • Barrel 16
  • Dark Oak Stairs 12
  • Chest 10
  • Kelp 8
  • Lantern 6
  • Horn Coral 3
  • Sea Pickle 3
  • Crafting Table 2
  • Furnace 2
  • Horn Coral Fan 2
  • Ladder 1
  • Oak Trapdoor 1
  • Red Bed 1

General Steps and Tips Summary

  1. The first thing you need to do is excavate the space we will need for our build. In the video example, Marchiworx excavated an area of 12 blocks in length, 7 in height and 12 in depth. This was to make sure they had enough space to work in.
  2. Start to build the structure of the design. Please note that the frame will be 9 blocks in length, 6 blocks in depth and 5 blocks in height.
  3. In the video, MarchiWORX expanded the frame by 1 block so that they can build their aquarium.
  4. If you decide to build an aquarium, they recommend expanding the frame by 4 blocks in depth.
  5. Now that the structure is in place, it’s time to clad the facades of the Minecraft Mountain Base.
  6. Add some nice detail into the build and start the landscape design
  7. Start working on the interior of the mountain house and aquarium

Minecraft Mountain Base Video Guide

How did your Minecraft Mountain house build come out? Let us know!