Minecraft: Story Mode’s First Episode Titled, Contains “Mild Bad Language”

Parents had better beware before they let little Timmy and Josie sit down with the first Minecraft: Story Mode game. Why? Well, unlike the family friendly Minecraft, Minecraft: Story Mode will have some mild bad language, as stated by the PEGI ratings board.

The first episode also has a title, Minecraft: Story Mode – The Order of the Stone. Not a bad title, we reckon. While not much is known about the upcoming adventure, what we do know is that you’ll have to be over the age of 12 to buy it. The PEGI ratings board has given the episode a rating of 12 for “mild bad language.” What the bad language is however, we’ve no idea.

Considering that Minecraft is pretty much a universally loved game by players of all ages, it’s a little odd that Telltale would create a game that effectively cuts off a huge part of its audience. Then again, we can’t really see parents denying their sprogs the latest Minecraft, so it’s probably not as big a deal as we think.


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