Minecraft Update 1.19.21 Patch Notes

Minecraft Update 1.19.21

Mojang has just released the patch notes for Minecraft update 1.19.21 that’s now available for Xbox, PS4, and PC. Don’t get too excited as there is nothing major to address in this latest Minecraft update. However, if you’ve been running into issues with patch 1.19.2, then this update should fix those for you. Here are the full Minecraft update 1.19.21 patch notes.

Minecraft Update 1.19.21 Patch Notes

Overall, this update is a minor addendum to Minecraft update 1.19.2. With an update as big as 1.19, there were bound to be plenty of issues arising from the new content. As such, 1.19.21 aims to fix a bunch of those issues.

  • Fixed several crashes that could occur during gameplay
  • Fixed an issue that caused Villagers’ professions to not reflect in their clothing.
  • Fixed a bug where graphical artefacts appear while playing on some devices
  • Fixed a bug where the names hovering above mobs were slightly offset.
  • Fixed an issue that caused some blocks on Marketplace worlds to appear as “update blocks” on Realms
  • Paid emotes can no longer be equipped for free

So there you have it, all of the minor changes added to Minecraft in update 1.19.21. Mojang is fairly swift at releasing updates to fix bugs, so if you find any more then they should be fixed fairly quickly.

What did Minecraft Update 1.19 Add?

Minecraft Update 1.19 arrived back in June and added plenty of new content. Part of that included a couple of new biomes, including the Deep Dark and the Mangrove Swamp. In addition, a few new mobs were added in the form of the Warden, Frogs, Tadpoles, and Allay. New items include the Sculk blocks and plenty of decorations for players to experiment with.

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