Minecraft Vex Overview: Update 1.20 Changes

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Minecraft Vex are interesting little beasts. While Vex appear harmless at a glance, these Minecraft mobs can overwhelm in a flash and inflict some serious punishment with their unique attributes. With that, this guide will overview Minecraft Vex, including how they operate and where to find these critters.

  • Minecraft Allays are considered by many to be the friendly counterpart to the Vex.

Minecraft Vex: What Do Vex Do?


Minecraft Vex are hostile flying mobs that attack players, adult villagers, iron golems, and wandering traders. Vex strike in groups and wield iron swords.

These creatures are unique in that they will pursue the player through walls and can phase through any surface. Vex don’t live very long though, as they sport little health and take damage naturally after a period of seconds. 

In Java Edition, Vex are one of the few mobs in Minecraft that do not drop loot when defeated. However, in Bedrock Edition, Vex monsters sometimes drop an Iron Sword with random durability. Slaying Vex does award Experience Points in both editions.

Minecraft Vex: Where To Find Vex


Vex are summoned minions of Evokers. Vex do not spawn naturally — the only way for a Vex to appear in Minecraft without commands is at the hands of an Evoker. Evokers summon Vex in groups of three, but they will continue to call for additional Vex as they engage in battle.

Vex, and in turn Evokers, reside inside Woodland Mansions and Raids.

Minecraft Vex Redesign In Minecraft Snapshot 22w45a


Minecraft Snapshot 22w45a redesigned the Vex’s model and textures in a more aesthetically pleasing fashion. More importantly, the hitbox of the Vex was exaggerated to make fighting Vex less of a hassle.

Vex are tiny beings, and the fact that they fly around makes them a real nuisance to fight. The Lead Artist for Minecraft, Jasper “JAPPA” Boerstra, stated on Twitter that the change was a long time in the making and one that was heavily requested by the community.

Vex might appear cute and cuddly, but now you know their true intentions and how to best approach these Minecraft organisms.

Learn how to make a Map in Minecraft and track down Woodland Mansions.

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