Is Last Stand In Modern Warfare 2?

Lots of fans have been anxiously asking the question ‘is Last Stand in Modern Warfare 2?’ as they prepare to begin playing the beta. Last Stand is one of the most infamous perks in Call of Duty history, bringing a frustrating death to many an undeserving player. So, if you’re wondering if there is a Modern Warfare 2 Last Stand perk, then make sure to carry on reading to find out.

Is Last Stand In Modern Warfare 2?

Unfortunately for anyone looking for clean and simple kills, Last Stand is in Modern Warfare 2. However, it has undergone a slight makeover that changes both the name and the effectiveness of the much-maligned perk.

It now goes under the perk name of ‘Survivor’, shedding at least some of the negative connotations associated with the original moniker. However, it does have much of the same effect, with the official perk description being: ‘on death, enter Last Stand with the ability to self-revive once per life. Teammates can revive downed players faster.’

Within this downed state, players will be able to defend themselves with a pistol, but will only need to take a fractional amount of damage before they are sent back to the respawn screen. This can be dangerous for anyone who needs to reload instantly after killing (or now, downing) an enemy, as it leaves you exposed for a quick finish.

However, Infinity Ward has thankfully made the perk far harder to actually obtain that has normally been in past Call of Duty games. Historically you would just slide it into your third perk slot and it would be active for the whole game, but now it only occupies the new fourth perk slot for the Supper Package, which can only be earned while playing a match.

This means that Last Stand or Survivor will only be earned after a period of time in each match – if at all, sparing a lot of players grief, at least in the early stages of a game where nobody has had the chance to pick it up yet.

So, that should answer the question of whether Last Stand is in Modern Warfare 2, giving you either delight or despair depending on what type of Call of Duty player you aim to be. If you’re wanting a good build to pair with, or deal with Last Stand though, make sure to check out our best Modern Warfare 2 FSS Hurricane loadout guide for all the attachments and perks you’ll need.