Monster Crown Aims to Be The Very Best on PS4, PS5 Next Week

Gotta breed ’em all
monster crown ps4 ps5 key art

Gotta breed ’em all

Publisher SOEDESCO and developer Studio Aurum will finally give PlayStation players a taste of Monster Crown from February 22nd, 2022.

The monster-breeding/battling RPG has already been out in the wild on PC and Xbox for a while, but now PlayStation players will get the chance to test their mettle against the power-hungry bad guys and gals while taming, breeding, and battling their own collection of monsters.

Yes, Monster Crown is clearly inspired by Nintendo and GameFreak’s early Pokemon games, but is that a bad thing? Not really. Pokemon is timeless, or at least it seems to be, and going off of the player reviews on Steam (Very Positive) it looks like Studio Aurum has managed to capture some of the magic that players love while putting a new twist on the formula.

Monster Crown releases on PS4 – playable on PS5 – on February 22nd, 2022.