Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Centuria Ore – How to get, where to find


Monster Hunter Rise Centuria Ore is a brand new crafting material making its way into the game with the latest Sunbreak expansion. This is one of many new additions to Monster Hunter Rise so you’ll likely want to get some in your stash.

What is unclear, however, is how you actually get Centuria Ore so below, we’ll be detailing Centuria Ore locations so you can net some for yourself as soon as you possibly can. We’ll also get you up to speed on what you can do with Centuria Ore so you’ll know if you want to keep hold of this precious new item or whether to simply sell it.

What is Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Centuria Ore?


As previously stated, Centuria Ore is a new Ore introduced in the new Sunbreak expansion. It is a master rank crafting material that is extremely useful and also required to complete some in-game quests.

Centuria Ore is an 8 Rarity Type item and you’re able to hold 99 of it at any one time. You’re able to craft both new Sunbreak weapons and armour using it so if you like the look of the new additions, you’re going to need to farm a bunch.

However, if you simply want to sell off your Centuria Ore, you’ll be able to offload it for 1,420 money which isn’t too bad at all, making it one of the more fruitful Ores to exchange for cash.

How to get Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Centuria Ore


So now you know what it is, you’ll undoubtedly want to know how to get Centuria Ore in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak. Thankfully, we’ve got all the information you need right here.

If you want to get your hands on some Centuria Ore, you’ll have to progress in the new Sunbreak expansion until you unlock the Citadel. This is the second area in the DLC but you won’t actually be able to access it until you’ve done a bunch of story missions.

Once you’ve got access to the Citadel, you’ll have to locate mining outcrops as this is the place where Centuria Ore is harvested from. These mining outcrops are scattered throughout the Citadel and your best chance of finding them is to get high up in the area where most of the outcrops are situated. There are some mining outcrops also found in caves, so if you’d rather go full Indiana Jones, you’ll get some Centuria Ore for your troubles.

And that’s all there is to it! Get to farming some Centuria Ore for yourself and you’ll have those new Sunbreak craftable weapons and armour in no time!

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