More Potential Nintendo NX Details Have Surfaced – Compatible With PS4?

The below screenshot is from a company called ‘GFK’ (who happens to be one of Nintendo’s clients) and it gives us a little insight into some features that the NX may have access to.


The list of features doesn’t contain anything too surprising, except maybe the inclusion of an “achievement” system, although interestingly a sensor bar is also mentioned as a part of the system’s SKU, which is an obvious sign that Nintendo is still focused on the infra-red technology that it implemented in its last two home-consoles.

However, that’s not all and the rumour train just keeps rolling, in fact it just delivered the news that the NX will also be able to communicate with smartphones, PC’s and even the PlayStation 4… no, that was not a typo. Wall Street’s, Takashi Mochizuki, tweeted a post sourcing analyst David Gibson, of Macquarie Research Japan.

More and more NX rumours are surfacing everyday, so keep in mind that this is only speculation and it’s possible that none of the aforementioned features will make it into the finished product. Regardless of how accurate they may seem, rumours are still just whispers.

Source: Nintendo Everything

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