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Multiple European Retailers Readying for PS4 Price Drop, Even Bigger Than Previously Thought

A few days ago we reported that European store were preparing for a PS4 price drop this October 21st, though we’ve still not heard anything official from the bigwigs at Sony HQ.

In the linked article above, we see that a couple of retailers from the Netherlands and France are preparing to drop the price of the console from 399 to 349 (500GB base unit.) However, other retailers are suggesting an even bigger price drop for the same day.

PS4 Price Drop

Supermarket giant Aldi is preparing to drop the price of the console to just 321 (around £235); they’re not alone, either. Multiple retailers have already updated their online stores in preparation for tomorrow’s trade and have been emailing customers over the weekend.

It’s a beast of a deal and will surely move a few units. Curiously, no Xbox One deals have popped up at the retailers in question, but there’s a price drop on the horizon, at least according to one of Europe’s biggest retailers.

However, Sony is still not coming out and saying it, but at this point in time there’s really no point.

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  1. I’ve seen the Xbox One and PS4 for £250 discounted online. If the Nintendo’s NX takes off, the Xbox One and PS4 will have to drop to £199. But the Xbox One would still struggle at £199. But sales do eventually start flagging. A BIG console price war once the NX is out there.

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