Multiple Silent Hill Games Are Supposedly On The Way

Images were supposedly leaked for a new Silent Hill game that is in development. Twitter user Dusk Golem, who is also known for being a reputable source for leaks of horror games leaked them. The image has been taken down by Konami. Konami issued a cease and desist on images that are supposedly from the mainline Silent Hill games. Since they were taken down from his Twitter, he decided to post them on Reddit. This more or less proves something is on the way.

Silent Hill image leaked by Dusk Golem

Some images have been linked to Hideo Kojima in relation to a new Silent Hill. Twitter user RyangoFett_24 shows how similar the new character looks to the motion capture actress that was with Hideo Kojima.

Silent Hill remake with Hideo Kojima being connected

There is even more to this as it’s not just a remake coming. According to NateTheHate2, Bloober team is working on a Silent Hill 2 remake and there are multiple Silent Hill projects ongoing in development. However, unlike the previous leaks with evidence of images this tweet is merely just a rumour for now.

If there is a PlayStation timed exclusive it could be revealed at the next State of Play. It makes sense for Silent Hill to come back, especially with the Resident Evil remakes being so popular and receiving critical success.