Rumour: Mysterious Next-Xbox Logo Surfaces On Twitter

next-xbox-logoHad enough of the rumours lately? Well you better look away because there’s a new one doing the rounds, this time it concerns Microsoft’s next-Xbox console.

An image posted on Twitter by a mysterious account shows what is claimed to be the next-Xbox logo, though it’s not clear whether this is a legitimate image or another crafty attempt by some bedroom photoshop nerd to trick us all. Damn them nerds…

The image itself looks rather bland and boring, so that’s one plus for authenticity as it will definitely fit in with the bland and boring (not forgetting horrible!) Windows 8 metro interface. Check out the image below and see what you make of it:


Personally, I’m calling fake on this one, but there is still a chance that it’s genuine so I thought it might be worth mentioning, if only to pass the time while you sit at work procrastinating. Yeah, I know what you get up to.

With Microsoft being unusually quiet regarding their next-gen Xbox, the amount of rumours and fake images will just increase, so please, if you are one of Microsoft’s employee’s partaking in a spot of procrastination at work, do us all a favour and just let us know what’s going on, please?

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What do you reckon? Fake? Let us know down in the comments.

Source: Twitter

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