Myths and Legends Bundle: Tunche & Black Book

Myths and Legends Bundle Tunche Black Book

Today we bring to you an Xbox bundle featuring two games from the publisher HypeTrain Digital: Tunche and Black Book. Both of these games are about myths that found their way into real life. They explore hidden and unknown parts of local Argentinian and Slavic folklore. Punch your way through the Amazon rainforest or unleash hell in the icy Northern Slavic landscape.


Tunche, developed by LEAP Game Studios, is a rogue-like action game that takes place in the Amazon rainforest. Players must hack and slash through 4 worlds filled with enemies, bosses, challenges, and stories present in a hand-drawn style. You can play in single player or team up with 3 of your friends in local co-op (2-4), or local multiplayer(2-4).

There are 5 unique characters, Rumi, the sorceress, Pancho the musician, Qaru the bird boy, Nayra the warrior & Hat Kid from the highly acclaimed A Hat In Time. Uncover the mysteries of the forest and overcome the evil beasts with your skills and ultimate abilities in this cute side-scrolling beat ’em-up reminiscent of the Ninja Turtles arcade games.

Black Book

Black Book, Developed by Morteshka, is a single player adventure game that fuses with card-based RPG’s. It tells the haunting tale of a Slavic peasant girl during the late 19th century. Vasilisa turns to witchery in order to save her beloved from the depths of hell. She encounters all magical creatures along her journey to find the Black Book, a demonic artifact that is said to grant wishes.

This is a story involving demon slaying and hellish spell casting through the use of cards. Players must solve riddles and complete side-quests in the Northern Slavic countryside uncovering mysteries of Slavic Folklore.

Get your hands on the games in this bundle Myths and Legends and start your adventure today!

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