Naughty Dog Was Dissatisfied with the First Uncharted

Naughty Dog wasn’t too happy with the first Uncharted game. Can you believe that? Probably not, but it’s the truth from the horse’s mouth.

A trio of Naughty Dog developers are hosting a Twitch stream where they’re talking about the history of the Uncharted franchise while playing through the epic opening train-wreck sequence of Uncharted 2: Among Thieves.

According to the developers they weren’t unhappy in moving on from the first game to starting the second, depsite it being hard work. What they were unhappy about was the final product of Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune. The game shipped in 2007 and was an early game for the PS3, so Naughty Dog was under pressure to get the game out and according to the developers the aim was “just get the game out” and move on. The end result was that the team weren’t too happy with what was shipped as many of the original features they had planned just didn’t make it into the game, though they may have ended up in later games in the series.

  1. I can see why. It appears they were trying out different ideas to see what would stick.

    For example you had that one sequence when you were fighting these monster creatures. I recall thinking the games tone was changing only to find that it was short and out of place.

    Still a great game, but they clearly were trailing ideas in this game.

    1. Aye, it was the weakest of the trilogy for sure. I actually played them backwards so when I got to Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune, I was like “what the poops?!”

      So I’m definitely looking forward to getting through it in the collection!

  2. There’s a difference between not being satisfied with the game they actually made vs. not being happy some features didn’t make it. They’re two different things and you can have either, both, or neither.

  3. I’m actually a bit surprised. Naughty Dog turning its back on its less…”cinematic” and “Mature” games like Crash, but then being unsatisfied with the first Uncharted? Paulogy got it right. I’m just more upset with ND not making a new Crash after all these years.

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