Best Nautilus Counters in League of Legends

Find out the best Nautilus counters of all time in League of Legends!
nautilus counters

It’ time to cover the best Nautilus counters in League of Legends!


Nautilus is a support champion that is also a tank and a great champion to engage with. As a support your primarily role is to be the guardian of the team, but since Nautilus isn’t an enchanter nor healer but rather a tank he protects him team in a different way. He is there to engage with his incredible hook and his point and click ultimate which can not be dodged without some ability that is specifically designed to do that like Vladimir’s pool for an example or Zhonya’s hourglass. He is also there to take a lot of aggro and damage to himself since if played correctly he can take quite a beating. But there are some champions that can give Nautilus quite a hard time in the bot lane, which can make things quite complicated for any Nautilus player and can make even an easy game quite frustrating and lead to an eventual loss.

Since I know how frustrating Nautilus can be, since he is one of my main picks, I am here to share a secret with you on how you can actually beat him!

It’s time to let you know on The best Nautilus counters in League of Legends!

3. Taric

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First in the line of great Nautilus counters is Taric. Not only does he have a stun and can make himself and his allies unvulnerable for a short period of time, but he also has other benefits! He is quite a tanky champion and can heal his allies. Not only does he have a stun, but rather a double stun that can go in different directions. He can be so hard to kill when you are playing Nautilus, and because of Taric’s high durability and good defensive stats in game he can afford to get close and take a lot of aggro which he can simply regenerate in short period of time.

2. Zilean

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Another great pick for best Nautilus counters is Zilean! This old man can give quite a hard time to almost every support, and not only Nautilus. Zilean can shorten his cooldowns to almost a one second duration and he can spam his little time bombs that not only deal significant amounts of damage, but they also can stun, deal double the damage, and can be placed on your minions, enemy minions, your allies, and enemies. Nautilus will have a hard time every time he tries to get close to you or your teammates. The icing on the cake is Zilean’s ultimate ability that can revive himself or any of his allies, and make the whole effort and sacrifices to get that particular kill useless for Nautilus and his team!

1. Morgana

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The best of the Nautilus counters is Morgana! Morgana is the bread and butter for every player who enjoys to play in the bot lane and support their team. Her amazing support abilities make her one of the most banned champions in the bot lane, but if you get a hold of her you should never let go! She has great range and a stun that also carries quite a big range. Her ultimate can stun the whole enemy team, but the most important thing when it comes to countering Nautilus is her shield! Her shield can block both Nautilus’s hook and his ultimate ability. This is the fact that makes a Nautilus pick on Morgana the worst decision a player can make!


And there you have it! We have discovered Top 3 Nautilus counters in League of Legends, with the best Nautilus counter being Morgana! The second and third place can be swapped depending on your playstyle but Morgana will always stay The best Nautilus counter in League of Legends!