How To Do Geld Glitch In Need For Speed Unbound (Make Money Fast)

Money is hard to come by on the streets of Lakeshore. Here’s how to get cash fast in Need for Speed Unbound with the Geld Glitch.
Need for Speed Unbound Geld Glitch
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There’s nothing better than an unlimited flow of cash, especially in Need For Speed Unbound. There’s a geld glitch that lets you win races and then reset, giving you a constant flow of amazing cash prizes. Here’s how to perform the geld glitch in Need For Speed Unbound.

Make It To The End of The Week In Need For Speed Unbound\

Need for Speed Unbound End of Week
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At the end of every week, there’s a big race that will give you enormous cash prizes, but there’s a large entry fee you need to pay in order to attempt it. What we recommend is to upgrade your car as much as possible while racing two to three races a day. If you follow this routine, you should have enough cash to enter the final race and then have an A-class car by the end of it.

Our tip is to not go to the warehouse straight away as time passes when you enter inside it. Earn enough cash, avoid the cops, and then upgrade your ride to make it competitive. You’ll need to achieve first place in the race before attempting the geld glitch in Need For Speed Unbound.

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How To Perform The Geld Glitch

Need for Speed Unbound Cars
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Once you’re at the end of the week, you’ll then enter the final race. To guarantee you’ll win, you can change the difficulty to Relaxed. Need For Speed Unbound is pretty tough, so it would be recommended. Pause the game and then head over to “Settings.” Next, select “Game” and change the Story Game Difficulty to Relaxed. If only we had split screen to increase our chances.

After completing that Saturday’s race, you’ll see a cutscene that says “Car Won” and the money you have won. As soon as that has played and a second cutscene starts to play, shut off Need For Speed Unbound immediately. This is how you perform the geld glitch in Need For Speed Unbound.

Boot the game back up, and you’ll be back to the point before the final race of the week begins. However, you’ll see the money and the car you’ve earned in your possession. Keep repeating this process to earn a lot of cash. You can sell the car for cash in any warehouse in the open world

Something to keep in mind is that the rewards will increase as you proceed further into the game. You’ll certainly earn more cash each time you finish the final race in the third week when compared to the first.

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