New Challenger Appears in the Amazing Unreal Engine 4

Not to long ago we saw Sonic, Link, Kirby and Mario in NVIDIA’s PhysX Flex map but now a new challenger has made an appearance: Captain Falcon.

CryZENx appears to be slowly making more and more characters from the Super Smash Bros roster which is getting Nintendo fans quite excited at the thought of maybe a new Smash game being picked up and made using the powerful Unreal Engine 4.

Looking at the graphics shown of Captain Falcon there is no doubt that having a new smash game made in the Unreal Engine 4 would look absolutely stunning, especially if the concept of a 3D side scroll fighting game was kept. Hopefully, in the future Nintendo might license out the rights to these characters, and a lucky developer might re-create all our favourite characters in the amazing Unreal Engine 4. But that’s never going to happen, is it?

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