New DOOM on PC Will Only Receive Modding Support via SnapMap, Basically Identical to PS4/Xbox One

One of the shooters that we’re quite looking forward to in 2016 is DOOM from Bethesda. Why? Because you get to shoot monsters in the head, duh.

Other than that, we’re also pretty stoked for the multiplayer component that’ll be trotting along with the main campaign, however, we foresee the online aspect being the real reason most will buy into DOOM.

The DOOM series has long been popular with PC gamers due to the amount of mods that have been created by the talented modding community. The good news is that mods will of course be available in the PC release as well as the PS4 and Xbox One versions. The bad news is that PC users won’t be offered an advanced set of tools, but will instead be using pretty much the same set that PS4 and Xbox One users will have access to.

Speaking with GameTrailers Bethesda’s Pete Hines spoke openly about the PC version and what modding tools will be available via the SnapMap modding feature.

“Everything that we’re doing on the mod side is going to be through SnapMap. So that all of the super powerful build-crazy stuff is all gonna be done through SnapMap. So the idea is, and I used the analogy before, is that it’s like Minecraft in that you can just pull any 12 year old who – if there are any left – hasn’t played Minecraft and even if they don’t know what they’re doing, they can still make something. They can make a smiley face, they can build themselves a house. But if you put it in the hands of somebody who really knows what they’re doing – like they can recreate Zelda in Minecraft – the SnapMap tools are much the same.”

Hines goes on to defend the decision to keep modding done through SnapMap by explaining the tools are there for all users whether they be beginners or seasoned vets.

“The idea is that there’s enough complexity and depth there that you can do all this scripting stuff and makeup new gameplay modes so it’s got this really steep high-end, but you don’t have to jump right to it like you do with the Doom tools. You can do simple stuff, little stuff if that’s something that you’re interested in, so everything will be pushed through SnapMap.”

When asked if it would be possible to recreate Doom 4 using the SnapMap modding tools, Hines “erm-ed” and “ah-ed” his answer.

“Um…. Probably, yeah, probably. Basically I guess the question is “could you recreate all of the different levels” and so forth. I don’t wanna say yes for sure because there’s some of the outdoor stuff that we do and how that works, this is more of an interior thing, but any interior level you could do.”

Peter Hines goes on to explain that although the user experience may be different for PC users that it will be for PS4 and Xbox One players, the modding tools with effectively be the same. Sure, the UI will be a bit more responsive on the PC due to the keyboard and mouse setup that around 102% of PC gamers have, but the tools will remain the same in functionality.

This may rub some PC players up the wrong way, but at the end of the day it does make modding more accessible to the idiots who can’t run a simple modding script. By idiots, we do of course mean us Games Cabin monkeys. Honestly, it’s a miracle we can even run a website…


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