New Driveclub Tracks are Coming Next Year, Tyre Deformation Coming in December Update

Driveclub is doing a lot right at the moment, isn’t it? The team behind the next-gen racer have been working behind the scenes for months on end to bring fresh updates and even a brand new way to play with Driveclub Bikes. That’s not all, either, as the game has even manged to score a cheeky little graphical update, albeit a minor one that very few people will actually notice.

Well, it’s getting better as the current list of tracks is set to expand even further next year according to Evolution Studios’ Paul Rustchynsky. There’s no word on when the tracks will be available, but we do know that in next month’s update we’ll see tyre deformation added to the game. Not bad, not bad at all.

Meanwhile, the team is also working on Driveclub VR for the PlayStation VR headset, though there’s not much being said about that project and it’ll probably stay that way for a while.