New Dungeon Defenders II PS4 Update Out Now, Next Update to Bring PS4 in Sync With PC

Dungeon Defenders II has received a fresh update on PS4 today that brings it out of pre-alpha and into alpha. Jesus, we thought these were things we only ever heard on Steam? Fittingly, the game has received updates that were previously released on the Steam Early Access version of the game which is in open alpha. The new update includes the following:

·         Four new maps
·         Bigger towers
·         New weapons and builds that enhance a greater variety of attack styles, abilities and towers
·         An original spooky event, featuring special maps, costumes, weapons and minibosses
·         New pets and costumes

The developers of the game are hard at work bringing the two versions closer together; the PS4 version has lagged behind its PC counterpart for some time. According to a Facebook post by the developer, the next update will be what finally bridges the gap between the two versions of Dungeon Defenders II.

“This update includes 3 major updates in 1. The next update should include The Harbinger Awakens (the current PC update) and the update we’re currently working on, and that will come out sometime after it comes out on PC. From that point on, the two versions should be in sync.”

The team behind the game has also released a brand spanking new video to detail the new update. Point your seeing organs down below and give it a gander.

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