New Guitar Hero Live Premium Shows Detailed

Activision and FreeStyle Games have detailed the new content in Guitar Hero Live’s Guitar Hero TV section, more specifically, the Premium Shows portion of the online component. Phew, that was a complicated sentence, wasn’t it?

There are nine new tracks to indulge in but you’ll have to either earn the right to play them by completing challenges in-game, or you can just pay with real life money for Hero Cash and unlock them. Your choice.

Rock Till You Drop!

·         Weezer – Back To The Shack

·         Joe Satriani – Shockwave Supernova

·         Nickelback – Get ‘Em Up

AAA Metal

·         Marilyn Manson – Deep Six

·         Bring Me The Horizon – Down

·         Pierce The Veil – Bulls in The Bronx

Indie Pop Hits

·         Little Daylight – Mona Lisa

·         COIN – Run

·         The Colourist – We Won’t Go Home