New Need for Speed PS4 Trophies: There’s Only 34 of Them

Ghost Games’ Need for Speed is just over a week away. Crazy to think it’s been so long since we took to the hills in Need for Speed Rivals, isn’t it? In fact, this scribe is still shooting for the top trophy for the aforementioned racer, though to no avail…

The latest Need for Speed comes from Ghost Games. It went through a round of beta testing not too long ago and early impressions were mixed to say the least. The game has also come under fire for requiring you to always be online to play, though Need for Speed Rivals did a similar thing, too.

If you’re wondering what you’ll have to do to get the top trophies/achievements in the new Need for Speed; you’re in luck as we have the complete list here. Granted, it’s for the PS4 version of the game but it’s safe to assume that the Xbox One and PC achievements will be identical in every respect. There’s a total of 34 goals to race towards, a somewhat low number for a AAA release, no? It looks like this one will be easy enough to 100% as the achievements indicate you’ll just need to put the hours in, follow the story, and do a few extra tasks. Completionists will be happy, then.

Need for Speed releases on PS4 and Xbox One this November 3rd. The PC release will come next year. You can find out why here.

Platinum Trophy
Earn all Need for Speed™ Trophies

Home Is Where Your Car Is
Acquire your spot in the garage

Early Days
Reach REP Level 10

Getting Noticed
Reach REP Level 25

Can I Get Your Autograph?
Reach REP Level 50

Guidance From Amy
Compete against Amy’s high horsepower contacts

Meet the legendary builder Nakai-San

Iconic Builder
Become a Build Icon

I Am Speed
Beat Magnus’ record time

Urban Outlaw
Beat Magnus’ personal challenge

Fulfilling The Need
Become a Speed Icon

The Hoonigan
Become a Style Icon

Single Take Star
Complete a single-take of Ken’s Gymkhana

Beat the Outlaw’s “2 roadblocks in a pursuit” challenge

Surprised? Me Neither
Uncover the truth about the Outlaw

Above The Law
Become an Outlaw Icon

One For All…
Find yourself a crew

Choo Choo!
Complete the drift train mission with the Risky Devil crew

… And All For One
Reach the top with your crew

The Ultimate Icon
Become the Ultimate Icon

Tuned For Excellence
Win any event with a tuned car

Beyond Extreme
Tune a car to max drift or grip settings

Triple Crown
Win three events in a row

Social Scene
Get called out by other racers 50 times for your skills

Full House
Fill each spot in your garage

Building Your stable
Purchase another car for your garage

Serious Fun
Complete 15 daily challenges

No Filter
Take your first snapshot

That Perfect Moment
Max out all 5 scoring styles in a single moment

Full Power
Equip top end performance parts to each category of a car

Training Wheels Off
Learn to drive with style

[Update: EA actually posted the full list for the Xbox One version as well as the PS4 version a while ago. If you head over to the blog post you’ll find the complete list along with their corresponding gamerscore/trophy values.]

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