New NFT Games in 2022: Earn Crypto with Upcoming NFT Games

New NFT Games in 2022: Earn Cryptocurrency with Upcoming NFT Games

NFT games have become a phenomenon in mid-2021 with Axie Infinity bringing in almost a million active players. There are many excellent NFT games out there. But there are plenty more to come in the near future, especially in 2022.

New gaming platforms or crypto that provide these features are often referred to as”play-to-earn (P2E) games. In most cases, players need to pay a deposit prior to being able to begin earning, even if the games reached a certain level of recognition. NFT games also range between trading games and role-playing (RPG) however, in general, you’ll need to purchase game assets from the beginning. For instance, Axie Infinity is one of the most popular NFT games which requires players who are new to the game to buy three Axies the game’s inside-game NFT characters. They cost anywhere between a few hundred bucks, but this is depending on their rarity and characteristics. There are also P2E NFT platforms that do not charge upfront costs. This means you don’t have to purchase and play free and earn money from it.

Quick introduction for NFT and NFT games:

NFTs are digital collectibles that are unique in the world of blockchain. This makes them suitable to be used in games as characters’ representations or consumables. They can also be used as trading items and you can collect cryptocurrencies with NFTs.

How do NFT games work and how you can earn crypto?

NFT games differ and keep crypto-collectibles in your wallet. An NFT game makes use of NFTs as its mechanisms, rules, and interactions with players. For instance, games could be able to depict your personal character or avatar using an NFT. The digital items you discover in the course of playing games could even be NFTs. Then, you can swap and trade NFTs to other players to earn profit. The latest model, play-to-earn, also lets you earn earnings through NFT games, which we’ll talk about in a bit later.

How do you use NFTs and then integrate them into a gaming environment? To exchange, create and use NFTs within a game developers design smart contracts that define the rules that govern the NFTs that are used. Smart contracts execute themselves as pieces of code that are stored on the blockchain.

A few NFT games and platforms to invest in 2022:

  • Battle of Guardians: Play-To-Earn NFT Fighting Game on Solana
  • RaceFI: A freshly launched metaverse platform
  • Rainmaker: Stock Fantasy Gaming Platform
  • Polygonum: Cross-Platform DeFi Game

Upcoming NFT Games in 2022

The Sandbox (Late-2022)

The Sandbox is an online virtual world that uses blockchain technology to allow users to build, create as well as purchase or sell their digital currency as part of games. By combining the power of decentralized autonomous organizations (DAO) as well as the non-fungible currency (NFTs) and NFTs, the Sandbox is a decentralized gaming platform that can be used to build a vibrant gaming community.

The Sandbox platform’s primary objective is to bring blockchain technology to mainstream gaming with success. The platform is focused on providing an innovative “play-to-earn” method that lets users be gamers and creators at the same time. The Sandbox utilizes the advantages of blockchain technology, introducing its SAND utility token that allows transactions through the platform.

Guild of Guardians (Expected Q2-2022)

Guild Of Guardians is a mobile RPG that will allow gamers to transform their passion for gaming into assets. This is a multiplayer, fantasy action RPG game in which players create their ideal team of ‘Guardians and join guilds to earn crypto rewards.

Mines of Dalarnia (Available)

The first sale began on December 27 until January 16th, 2022 for the Mines of Dalarnia.

Mines of Dalarnia is a F2P platform-mining action-adventure blockchain game where players control an avatar and lead them through a plot level and my various earth blocks in order to find and mine minerals of numerous rareness.

Phantom Galaxies (Q3 2022)

Phantom Galaxies is an upcoming blockchain-based science fiction online third-person action RPG that features breathtaking visuals and quick-paced action. When it is launched in Q3 of 2022 it will be a fully-fleshed PC/console game that incorporates blockchain technology and NFTs that will allow real-time player-driven governance as well as the ownership of game assets.

This game also takes place in an open world in which players pilot Mechanized Starfighters, which transform from advanced fighter spacecraft to combat mechs. Phantom Galaxies features a gripping story about victory and survival in a hostile galaxy. both alien and human factions exciting space battles exciting planetary missions as well as good-old-fashioned mecha rumbles.

Bridgeworld (TBA)

The main metaverse of Treasure is a world known as Bridgeworld in which MAGIC is released and gathered.

Treasure is an open-source, decentralized NFT ecosystem built on Arbitrum designed specifically for metaverse-related projects. Each project on Treasure’s marketplace uses MAGIC in its own metaverses, and each community develops its own unique lore and narrative to use this resource. MAGIC is the token of treasure that is native to it. of Treasure is the only payment method for transactions in the marketplace. In this manner, MAGIC acts as the reserve currency for the whole web of metaverses that are to the Treasure umbrella.

Treasure projects are connected narratively and economically by MAGIC. The DAO makes use of MAGIC emissions to develop new projects as well as to continue supporting more established ones.

Illuvium (Q1 2022)

Illuvium collection of NFT game is also cryptocurrency tokens that have functionality and a gaming application that are interoperable with the Illuvium universe as well as the larger DeFi metaverse. Decentralized NFT collection provides players with control by the user, never before available in gaming that is mainstream.

About the game

Illuvium is an RPG that’s open to the world, monster collection, and auto-battle game that is built using the Ethereum Blockchain and will be available for PC as well as Mac from 2022. You can play to earn in graphically rich stunningly-realized sci-fi action and explore the wild to make your crash-landed community thrive.

Take on alien landscapes as you search for the catalyst which shattered Illuvium. Take on and capture Illuvials, powerful creatures that rule the land without fear until the time of your arrival. Training and blending your Illuvials with powerful transformations. Make your own Illuvial squad for battles and tournaments within PvE as well as PvP Arenas. Make use of your imagination to construct unique synergies to beat your rivals and climb towards the top to become the most revered Ranger on the planet.

Battle of Guardians

Battle of Guardians (BOG) is a real-time, multiplayer NFT-based fighting game created by UNREAL ENGINE and based on a multichain SOLANANETWORK and BINANCE SmartChain. The players engage in intense multi-realm combat in a vast game world. BOG is a single game in which players are engaged always fighting to take on other players in order to gain more rewards. Battle of Guardians is available now.

  • Character types: Humans, Demons, Guardians
  • Tier:
    – Elite Fighter – Basic character getting minimum rewards upon wins.
    – Legendary Warrior – Intermediate-level characters getting medium rewards on wins.
    – God of War – advanced characters getting high rewards every time they win.
  • Game mode: PvE and PVP with Arena and Tournament mode.

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