New Pokken Tournament Trailer Reveals More Electrifying Gameplay for Wii U

A new Pokken Tournament trailer has been released by the official Japanese Nintendo site, and while it doesn’t show anything new, it does showcase some electrifying gameplay.

If you’re unaware of Pokken Tournament, it’s a 1v1 fighter using the fighting core mechanics of Tekken while adopting the aesthetic look of the Pokemon universe. The game is being co-developed by Nintendo and Bandai Namco, with the source material positively shining through in the latest gameplay trailer.

The game has been out in Japanese arcades since summer of this year and will be making its way to Wii U in the spring of 2016. Nintendo Japan also revealed the official bundle SKU of the Wii U and the game.

Below you’ll find the trailer as well as an image of the bundle.

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Source: Nintendo Everything