New Samsung Galaxy S6 Mini Leaked with Images

Samsung has got a number of items said to be released in the next coming months, as the Korean manufacturer works hard to keep any information about these upcoming products a secret, a small leak in the giant company has surfaced with images of what seems to be Galaxy S6 Mini.

This particular phone hasn’t really had much attention given to it, other than the fact of an expected release due to Samsung reputation of releasing mini versions of their headlining phones.

Now that we have given you some background information on the mysterious up coming phone let’s get into what you really want to know, the specs for it.

The phone appears to set around 4.7 inches in height and obviously takes the exact same visual design as the Samsung Galaxy S6. Judging from the pictures below it can be speculated that the glass and metal that is present in the flagship S6 has been replaced by what seems to be plastic for both the back and front side of the phone. Sadly, with this leak there was no signs of any of it’s hardware but it can be assumed that since this model is a ‘mini’ there will be of course down grades from the S6.

The ‘Mini’ is scheduled to be unveiled this August which we can assume will be at Samsung’s Galaxy Note 5 event on August 12 to August 13.

Here are the leaked images of Samsung’s Galaxy S6 Mini.

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Source: VR Zone 

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