New Sega Saturn Emulator Launches on Android, Works Surprisingly Well

Emulation is a great way to enjoy some golden oldies without having to dig out the aging consoles from the attic, or pay through the nose to get hold of a working machine.

While it’s a little bit of a grey area, emulation is, for the most part, quite legal providing you adhere to copyright rules.

The Android app store is flooded with plenty of emulators, some of which work well, and some that are nothing but a clone of another one. We live in an age where we can play PS One, Nintendo 64, SNES, Sega Mega Drive and many more old console games on our smartphones. Now we can add another console to that list: the Sega Saturn.

The Sega Saturn might not have been the most capable of consoles, but it did receive more than its fair share of great games, so it should come as some great news for retro enthusiasts that a new emulator has released on the Android Google Play store that allows Sega Saturn games to be played – reasonably well, too.

We’ve yet to give it a whirl (digging out old CD’s takes time) but we’ve heard from multiple sources that the emulator works really well on top-end Android devices. Just take a look at the reviews the app has received on the Google Play app market.

If you’re interested in getting your retro game on then you can head on over to the Google Play store and download the free app. Just keep it legal yo, or we’ll be coming round your house.

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  1. This is the most retarded article I’ve read in a long time… IF YOU ADHERE TO THE COPYRIGHT RULES, THEN 99% OF EMULATION IS ILLEGAL. Including Sega Saturn emulation.

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